Company profile Company profile Aitesa is a spanish company with more than 30 years of experience in Engineering Industry with forefront solutions...
Our history Our history Founded in 1985, in AITESA we believe that courage and pioneering spirit are the key to innovation ,keeping faithful to our principles...
Quality certificates Quality certificates In AITESA we understand that achieving the highest quality standards is part of any organization that wants to improve its way of working...
International Experience International Experience the professionals in AITESA have developed a wide international experience, conducting business activities and generating a reliable network of contacts, thus facilitating access to markets and supplies of products and services for global coverage.
Petrochemical and chemical Petrochemical and chemical High quality standards and technical requirements...
Oil Refinery Oil Refinery heat exchange, waste heat recovery, equipment revamping, supply of new facilities...
Energy Energy Our services Include from Basic Engineering till implementation of complex facilities...
Facilities Facilities To generate electricity and thermal energy reduces costs...
Industrial Representations Industrial Representations We work with the most relevant companies worldwide...
Our services Our services We can provide both management and technical services...
Products Products Products aimed to do thermal energy recovery...
Aitesa will develop a new project for the sulfur recovery unit in Mubarek, Uzbekistan


The project consists of both the basic and detailed engineering of three aircoolers, as well as their manufacture and supply at the plant in Uzbekistan. Due to the extreme weather conditions in the area of installation, a system of louvers and a steam coil have also been included in the design and supply in order […]

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Feasibility Study, FEED and CDI and Detail Engineering for the increase of efficiency and change to gas of the CH-1 Fired Heater of Cepsa Gibraltar-San Roque Refinery


Cepsa has awarded Aitesa the set of modifications to be made in the CH-1 fired heater together with its air preheating system in order to increase the efficiency of the heater and reduce CO2 and NOX emissions. This project consists of three stages: – Feasibility Study – FEED and CDI – Detail Engineering In the […]

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Opening of a new branch office of Aitesa at Campo de Gibraltar


Within our growth plan and in order to be as close as possible to our customers, we are pleased to inform you that the branch office of Aitesa for the Southern Zone of Spain has begun its activity in the Arttysur Business Center in the Palmones Business Park in Los Barrios (Cadiz). Here we want […]

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Revamping of the air preheating system in the PP-H-3/4/5 Fired Heaters for Cepsa Refinery La Rabida


Cepsa has awarded Aitesa the modifications to be made in the combustion air preheating system to increase the efficiency of the fired heater in the Platforming Unit. This project consists of 2 stages: The aim of the first stage of the project is to develop Basic Engineering and FEED (Front End Engineering and Design) in […]

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Aitesa will supply two thermal oil boilers for a glass industry in Turkey and will perform detailed engineering of the all production system.


This project consists of the design and detail engineering services of the thermal oil production system on two glass furnaces. Aitesa also supplies the boiler parts on each of the furnaces that take advantage of the heat of the output gases in order to produce thermal oil, before being sent to the chimneys. It also […]

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POWER-GEN EUROPE 2017 in Cologne, Germany


AITESA has presented its products and services about heat recovery system for refinery, chemicals and cogeneration plants. POWER-GEN Europe is the dynamic center point, where a rapidly evolving power industry meets to gather information and compare views on shared opportunities and challenges. Therefore, AITESA got to know its products and meet experts from all over […]

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Improvements in preheater efficiency


Improvements to the heat recovery system of the fired heater Platforming 2. Design, supply and assembly of the modifications to be made in the air preheater of the fired heater Platforming 2 of I.C. Cartagena. During the stop Aitesa will carry out the necessary modifications by adding an additional block to the existing air preheater […]

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Improvements in the air preheating of Hydrocraker in I.C. Repsol Cartagena


Design, supply and assembly of the modifications to be made in the air preheating system of the Hydrocraker fired heater of I.C. Cartagena. During the technical stop at the Cartagena refinery, Repsol will introduce the latest technologies and increase the efficiency of the processes. Aitesa will develop one of the projects assigned by the client, […]

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Design and supply of equipment for the sulfur recovery boiler


Aitesa will supply the new boiler modules upon the incinerator of the 686 sulfur unit of Repsol Cartagena Refinery. The modules supplied by Aitesa that compose the heat recovery boiler are the following: Vaporizer 1 and Vaporizer 2 Superheater 1 and Superheater 2 The boiler is a water tube boiler of forced circulation and takes […]

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Aitesa participated in the debate Climaval 16 on energy optimization in the industry last October 19, 2016


AITESA took part in the IV edition of the National Congress of circular economy and energy solutions for the industrial sector – Climaval 2016. The debate was based on the experience of our company about residual thermal energy in food process industries such as sugar, in paper mills, refineries and other industries.

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